Our Story

Our Story

This is our Achievers planner’s STORY .

Hello Achievers this is Mitesh Halani , I am just going to share quick story how me and my friend Dwipal Patel , converted our idea of this planner in to reality. I love personal development and leadership development. It has changed my thoughts and how I live . I have read many great books and attended many seminars and conferences of people like Jim Rohn , John Maxwell , Tony Robbins , Dale Carnegie and it has impacted my life in very positive way . I love stationary since childhood and I love gathering or gifting very high end stationeries , which has great utility as well as very nice in look and feel . In 2010 I wanted to have daily planner for myself but I didn’t find one which has high quality content , inspiration written in pages and great in packaging . So I ended up designing one myself for my personal use . I invested lot of time and money ( these two are most precious resources in life ) to make one . And I used it and loved it . Still I never thought to go out and share one with others . But than in 2016 I was in london and going through west field mall in london and found one kiosk where they offer great planners so I bought almost 4 best diaries they had and I loved them all so much in look and feel as well as content , Honestly speaking I couldn’t resist myself although it was very expensive diaries , but I felt if I want to write some valuable thought I would better buy some valuable pages to write them . In fact my mentor Jim Rohn who taught me many things in my life shared one time , invest in expensive journals so you hesitate to write cheap things in it to do in your life .

So I bought those four diaries , that was the only shopping I did for myself in my whole london trip but it was worth it rather than expensive shirts and ties and watches we buy . We human being would love to invest below our neck in things but we don’t invest in above neck in our own mind development.

And then I started going through those diaries and my own daily planner and I thought there is nothing better available in my surround which is great in content and very rich in look and feel . So I Thought let me come up with something which I can share with other Achievers, leaders , and entrepreneurs like yourself . Which they can use it or even GIFT it . Because many time on someone’s special days like birthdays or anniversaries we push our self hard to think what to gift and we end up buying things which we might not find it most suitable but it was easily available. So I thought let’s design something for Achievers which they can use as well as share with their team , friends , family or in their corporate world as GIFT . Which can be life changing and most admirable and thoughtful gift which receiver will also love . So that’s how I’ve come up with idea of Achievers planner and I called my friend who is equally passionate about personal development and admirer of luxury . So I called my friend Dwipal Patel who owns printing press which is one of it’s kind in India . They do lot of innovative products development in their space. I called Dwipal and shared my idea and in first 2 minutes of conversation he loved the idea and in fact he said he himself wanted to do something like this in planner space . So Two great heart and passionate people are always better than one so I immediately said to Dwipal let’s do it my friend , let’s gift this to the world if we can make this as successful venture we will be very happy to share this piece of product or else we will gift to the leaders we look up-to and friends we admire in our life . And that’s how this Achievers planner came in existence . And We are very much humble and thankful to you that you are holding one in your hand and reading up to here . we will be happy to hear your thoughts or get in connect with you if you like this story and what we do or you have thoughts on where we can improve and do better please write us on mitesh@achieversplanner.com Dwipal@achieversplanner.com