Founder's Profile

Founder's Profile


Mitesh Halani

Love : Stationary , Inspiration and meeting new friends .

My Philosophies in life :

“Live life king size”

“Success doesn’t go to my head , failure doesn’t go to my heart”

“We are average of five closest people with who we hang out , so chose them wisely

Mitesh is an entrepreneur he has been involved in several businesses from Debt collection to software development to solar system. He has been doing businesses in India , USA UK & Australia. All his businesses he has built purely on hunger to make it successful . In His all ventures he has invested more courage and curiosity than capital . As he believes in building businesses to make more profitable in fastest possible time with least amount of capital investment.

Achievers products is his passion project , he says rest of the businesses he has done for money so far, this is the first business He is doing it as pure passion and vision to make it bigger . As he says “Make No small Plans”

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Dwipal Patel,

Love: Business, Networking, Printing

Philosophies in life :

“Change is inevitable, let's accept it

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90%, how you react to it

“Grow while taking everybody together.”

Dwipal is an entrepreneur by both Mind & Heart, and highly focused on one subject that is Business, a only motto he believes in when his business comes in consideration is Advancement of Technology. He puts his soul in business to make it successful from its roots. He has been to various countries in look out for New technologies and New expansions in businesses, but ultimate goal is to get those technologies running down in his own business in India only.

“Achiever’s”, the name itself motivates us, and so is the vision of Dwipal for this Project, he through this project wants to have people Organize themselves, because one who grows in a and through a system, always stays longer in competition.

You can reach out to Him :