(1) when you are hunting an elephant then you can't allow rabbit in the way to destruct your attention
Don't get destructed by chasing rabbit ... When you are chasing BIG , Small things should not destruct you.

(2) Entrepreneurs are like gardeners
They have to make their hand dirty to blossom the garden. Entrepreneur makes difference in garden and jungle ...

(3) Time is more valuable than money , because money we can borrow from
Others Time We can’t. Lost money can be regained lost time can’t. Value Time .
Value of Time is different for everyone. Person who missed plane by 5
Minutes value of 5 minuets is different for him ... person who lost the Olympic race just by fraction of second value of seconds are winning and loosing for that person and lastly person who met with accident due to missed attention for few seconds and lost his life , cost of those seconds are life . So always value Time and you will have different life .

(4) Narayan Murthy shared it very well to thrive in any competitive world and ever changing technology time . Leaders those who can do things better , faster and cheaper than everyone else can win all . Read this twice and your perspective will be changed completely.